BIG ICE - The global warming suspense novel by C.B. Jonnes. Click here for synopsis and ordering information. Suspense Novels

WAKE UP DEAD - The lucid dreaming suspense novel by Christopher Bonn Jonnes. Now in its second printing. Click here for synopsis and ordering information.
ISBN: 1-59286-587-9
$14.95 - Paperback
C.B. JONNES - Fiction Writer and Author of the Suspense Novels, WAKE UP DEAD and BIG ICE. ISBN: 0-9664520-5-4
$12.95 - Paperback
C.B. Jonnes is the author of the suspense novels, Big Ice and Wake Up Dead.

He is also creator of Cow Running, the popular travel game. He's currently working on more of everything.
Cow Running -- the world's most popular travel game by C.B. Jonnes.
Travel Game

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mr. Jonnes is founder and president of NAAM (National Association for the Advancement of Me). When you purchase Bonn Jonnes books, games or gear, a ridiculously small portion of the proceeds of each sale is donated to this philanthropic organization. Thanks!
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