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Buy An Autographed 1st Edition of


Suspense Novel

by C.B. Jonnes

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To order an autographed 1st edition of Wake Up Dead in trade paperback for $16.00 ($12.95 retail book price + $3.05 shipping and handling + 6.5% MN sales tax if applicable):

1) Use PayPal.


2) Mail a check or money order for $16.00 (+6.5% sales tax in Minnesota) made out to the author and mailed to the Stillwater, MN address below. Be sure to include your complete mailing address and any requests for "personalizing" the book. Your payment covers all shipping and handling. Each book is individually signed and dated by C.B. Jonnes. Be sure to specify WAKE UP DEAD or BIG ICE. Get a 1st edition while supplies last. Click here for an order form in PDF format.

11765 N 102ND STREET

You can also order your book unsigned (for about the same cost) from many other booksellers. Sorry, price applies to destinations within the United States & Canada only. E-mail the author for specific International Prices.

Wake Up Dead is a popular suspense novel with great crossover appeal to mystery and sci-fi lovers as well. It is currently under option to become a major motion picture. Therefore, a copy of WAKE UP DEAD autographed by author C.B. Jonnes makes ...

The Perfect $16 Gift For All Occasions!

Here's why:
  1. The book is good.
  2. It's in the right price range.
  3. It's a unique gift.
  4. No extra shipping or handling costs.
  5. Free gift wrapping.
  6. Send a personal message handwritten by the author.
  7. You don't have to go shopping, just mail your check or money order.
  8. It's like a Savings Bond; it'll appreciate in value (especially when the movie is released).
  9. Become a close, personal friend of a famous author.
  10. You can borrow it later and read it for free.
  11. It doesn't matter if you like the author or the book; it's not for you.
  12. The movie rights sold; it's like giving a signed 1st edition of Gone With The Wind.

Which occasions is this appropriate for?

  1. Christmas (it's never too early to shop)
  2. Halloween (scary title)
  3. Thanksgiving (cheaper than a 16 lb. turkey)
  4. Hanukkah (more plot twists than the Dead Sea Scrolls)
  5. Birthdays (I'd say 16 and older)
  6. Anniversaries (some may wish the title upon their spouse)
  7. Weddings (we got 3 woks, 4 blenders, 5 sets of glasses--zero books)
  8. Bar Mitzvahs (see #4)
  9. Funerals (well ... okay, maybe not)
  10. Graduations (now that you can read ...)
  11. Job Promotions (better learn to read now!)
  12. Baby Showers (enough blankies already!)
  13. Housewarmings (especially haunted ones)
  14. Columbus Day (the author's name is Christopher)
  15. Toga Parties (great beer coaster)
  16. New Years Day (again, an apropos title)
  17. Arbor Day (printed on genuine tree byproduct)
  18. July 4th (made in America)
  19. Valentines Day (fewer calories than chocolates)
  20. Cinco de Mayo (hold the mayo; the book is plenty juicy)

More reasons to buy are available on request.

Extra Bonus Idea: Give the book to people you don't really like and let the title send a subtle message:

  1. Nagging in-laws.
  2. Evil step-mothers.
  3. The boss who fired you.
  4. The witch who dumped you.
  5. Etc., etc.

Here's what 218 critics and readers say about Wake Up Dead: Reviews

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