BIG ICE is the second C.B. Jonnes suspense novel. Click here for a synopsis.

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C.B. Jonnes

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WAKE UP DEAD is the first C.B. Jonnes suspense novel, now in its second printing. Order an autographed copy now! Interviews C.B. Interview -- May 2003 Interviews C.B. Interview -- November 2001 Interviews C.B. Jonnes.Pipeworksonline Interview -- February 2001
Treasury Risk & Management Interviews C.B. Jonnes.Treasury & Risk Management Interview -- September 2000
St. Croix Valley Press Interviews C.B. Jonnes.St. Croix Valley Press Interview -- July 2000
Stillwater Gazette Interviews C.B. Jonnes.Stillwater Gazette Interview -- May 2000

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