BIG ICE is the second Christopher Bonn Jonnes suspense novel. Click here for synopsis and ordering options.

Christopher Bonn Jonnes

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WAKE UP DEAD is the first Christopher Bonn Jonnes suspense novel, now in its second printing. Order an autographed copy now!

Antagonist -- I put this together, and it's ... funny -- Online bookseller
American Polywater Corporation -- World's finest construction chemicals
Bound To Die -- A debut novel by another great author
Carlson Twins -- Good friends with Lane & Kyle (Abercrombie & Fitch)
Cow Running™ -- The world's best travel game
CubeMaster™ -- Office Safety Device for the Vertically Challenged
Jill Jonnes -- Established Non-Fiction Writer (My Cousin)
National Ice Center -- When West Antarctica goes, they're first to know
Friend of the Author -- Help promote literacy with Bonn Jonnes gear
Shameless Self-Promotion -- The death of a salesman

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Read a synopsis of BIG ICE, the latest suspense novel by C.B. Jonnes. Order the book from Order the book now!
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