BIG ICE is the second C.B. Jonnes suspense novel. Click here for synopsis and ordering options.

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WAKE UP DEAD is the first C.B. Jonnes suspense novel, now in its second printing. Order an autographed copy now!

I occasionally send email broadcasts to my list of contacts regarding important developments in my writing career. Examples are news of second printings, movie deals, new books, new Oprah picks, sainthood, etc. A mailing typically occurs two or three times a year. If you are interested in updates on the status of Wake Up Dead, Big Ice, future projects, or my career in general, complete and send the simple form below. Remember, if you switch email accounts, I won't know it unless you tell me.

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Read a synopsis of BIG ICE, the latest suspense novel by C.B. Jonnes. Order the book from Order the book now!
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