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Reader Reviews of C.B. Jonnes' second book, BIG ICE, a global warming suspense novel. Order an autographed copy now!

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Spider Hole Red Button. December 15, 2003
"Jonnes has hit another home run. He keeps the action moving and the reader guessing until the final page. Fascinating characters; nonstop action; cutting-edge science--BIG ICE has it all. Not your ordinary sleuth ... BIG ICE take you inside the mind of a fascinating character: a sleuth you really find yourself rooting for. I hope we'll see more of Seth Peterson. BIG ICE is that rare thriller that really develops its characters." -- Brian Lutterman, Author of "Poised to Kill."

California Burning Red Button. October 29, 2003
"A gripping and thrilling read, Big Ice is an exciting and suspenseful tale of threat, extremism, and heroic desperation. When a reclusive polar ice researcher discovers a "doomsday fault" that could potentially cause a massive amount of ice to detach, melt, flood coastal cities around the globe and wreak havoc upon humanity, he is thrust in the center of a nexus of journalists, law enforcement officials, and ruthless fanatics determined to make cataclysmic prophecies come true. A gripping and thrilling read, Big Ice documents author Christopher Bonn Jonnes as a gifted and original novelist of considerable talent and storytelling expertise." -- FIVE STARS from Midwest Book Review

Republican Map Red Button. September 9, 2003
"BIG ICE by C.B. Jonnes is a big treat. Jonnes reels you in with an interesting and unusual hero, Seth Peterson. The most page-turning moments are when Seth is explaining the details of what's going on with nature way down south. This places the author on a noteworthy shelf alongside such authors as Michael Crichton who make science into fascinating fiction." -- Pine Bluff Commercial

Bloated Mosquito Red Button. September 4, 2003
"You'll be cheering for the main character, and I promise, he will not fail you when the time comes. Get it! And enjoy it!" -- FIVE STARS from M.D. Cummings, author of "Whipped Pups of Bitterbrush"

Closest-in-60,000-years-Mars Red Button. September 1, 2003
"The background information is amazing. The action and mystery certainly are such that a movie should be in the future. The vivid description is graphic and sometimes frightening. A splendid work." -- C.G. Will from Ohio

Rug Burn Red Button. August 25, 2003
"Fast moving and interesting. I think one will enjoy this novel." -- Book Review Cafe

Embarrassed Red Button. August 14, 2003
"Protagonist Seth Peterson faces two monsters, one internal and one external. The author does an excellent job of developing the story and the characters, especially Seth, into real life situations where we desperately want to see Seth triumph over both adversaries. Well written, exciting, and recommended." -- Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

Road Rash Red Button. August 8, 2003
"Christopher Bonn Jonnes, author of Wake Up Dead, is back with a second, more harrowing novel, Big Ice. This well-researched thriller is thick with tension and suspense. Jonnes manages to start the book with action, end it with action, and fill all of the chapters between with action. This is a smart, hard-hitting thriller. But I expect no less from Jonnes, who blew me away with his first novel, Wake Up Dead. His facts are intriguing; to think that a natural disaster, worse than any earthquake is out there waiting to happen is frightening. Jonnes is skilled at incorporating dialogue, taut chapters and three-dimensional characters to strengthen and solidify this already impressive and unique story line. Big Ice is easy to get into and hard to put down and will be impossible to forget." -- FIVE STARS from Phillip Tomasso III, author of five novels.

Baboon Butt Red Button. July 28, 2003
"Electrifying Suspense. Almost any story set in the nation's capital personally intrigues me. Such a setting usually promises unanticipated twists and high-energy excitement. BIG ICE therefore immediately hit the spot for me. I was drawn especially to the protagonist Seth because of the manner in which the author Christopher Bonn Jonnes artfully tackles the delicate inner psychological nature of this complicated character. This aspect fascinated me far moreso than the surface storyline, which was totally suspenseful. I'm sure most readers were able to identify quite readily with Seth. The author offers us a splendid work of nervous suspense and mystery. I definitely intend reading Jonnes's previously successful WAKE UP DEAD. A Very Highly Recommended Read." -- FIVE STARS from Alan Cambeira, author of AZUCAR! The Story of Sugar.

Rising Sun Red Button. July 17, 2003
"The book is a real page turner, with enough plot twists and turns that you have to keep reading. Seth is not your typical hero. He doesn't have a perfect life. He is just an ordinary guy with problems that he has to overcome. In my mind that just makes him all the more endearing and easy to relate to. Seth's phobia is handled very well, very realistically (I suffered from this same phobia and the author has got it exactly right.) An exciting tale that doesn't let up. A great read." -- FIVE STARS from by Annette Gisby, author of Drowning Rapunzel and Shadows of the Rose.

Skin Rash Red Button. July 15, 2003
"Christopher Bonn Jonnes has hit a homerun with his latest thriller, Big Ice. Some of the interesting facts he presents will give the reader something to think about for quite some time. Jonnes' characters are well rounded and engaging. Seth Peterson emerges as a complex hero, complete with flaws, which render him a less than perfect human being. The villains are bad to the bone. Big Ice's plot is so frightening real, you may be afraid to tune in to tomorrow's news." -- 4.5 STARS from

Brick Red Button. July 15, 2003
"I was sorry the book had to end; I wanted more! When's your next book coming out? Good writing~ Thanks again for permitting me to review your book." --4.5 STARS from Donna E. Bedrick, an independent reviewer

Cosmological Red Shift Red Button. July 14, 2003
"Thanks for the autograph and a great story. I enjoyed it a lot. Always fun to read about your hometown in that context. It makes it fun to envision the events occurring as the familiar landmarks are described. I could see this one as a movie someday." -- Tim Schmolke from Minnesota

Beet Red Button. July 9, 2003
"You've written another winner! I loved it!" -- Beth Dickerson from West Virginia

Tanager Red Button. July 3, 2003
"A fascinating character study. Vivid and accurate. A strong, high-concept successor to WAKE UP DEAD. Two stories for the price of one." -- FIVE STARS from Brian Lutterman, Author of "Bound To Die," a Mystery Novel Award winner and Minnesota Book Award 1st runner-up

Polluted Sunset Red Button. June 30, 2003
"I was so sorry when I finished your new book. I couldn't put it down!! I love a book that has everything, ie; adventure, suspense, action, and information about things that I know nothing about. Where did you learn so much about Antartica, ice sheets, calving ice shelves, etc.? I loved reading about it. I'm also impressed with your knowledge of SSRIs--something that I've been working with in clinical trials for years. And, you're going to be Stillwater's "famous son" like Sinclair was for Sauk Center. All the location stuff including landmarks in Stillwater is going to be very favorably looked upon. It's a giant "good job" to you!!!" -- Susan Quella from Rochester, MN

Crunch Berry Red Button. June 29, 2003
"An entertaining, fast-paced story with very likeable characters. A nice mix of personal complications and an external dilemma foisted upon the protagonist. A wry humour that rarely misses its mark. Everything flows very smoothly. A fast read." --

Tomato Red Button. June 27, 2003
"Howdy Christopher: The attached review for your novel Big Ice will be posted to the website on July 1 -- as the featured Small Press Book-of-the-month. I hope you are pleased with it, and thank you again for your interest in ReadersRoom. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell complete strangers!" -- Rob Holden, Managing Partner of

Pepperoni Red Button. June 25, 2003
"I just finished reading Christopher's book. I couldn't put it down. My type of novel. Fast paced, easy to read, and exciting to the end. He has quite a talent." -- Mark Sisler from Dallas, TX

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Carousel Red Button. June 22, 2003
"I'm the person who reviewed BIG ICE for BookLoons. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. I found your characters very likeable, the information on polar ice research interesting (I recently got back from an Antarctic cruise, so it was quite relevant to me), and the story a nice, smooth read. Your humour is fun - loved the potshots you took at some of the silliness in North American society. Oh yes, I also appreciate your signing this copy. Thank you." -- Theresa Ichino from

Red Shift Red Button. June 18, 2003
"I finished reading Big Ice. It was really good! Kept me on the edge of my seat. Way to go, Chris." -- MJR from Somerset, WI

Spanked Bottom Red Button. June 18, 2003
"Jonnes builds the suspense in Big Ice from the get-go, with the rescue scene being a particular highpoint. I felt as if I were experiencing every moment with Seth and I didn't want to put the book down. His flair for description is also remarkable, making it easy to visualize the details in every scene. Jonnes has a talent for suspense and obviously loves to work with the language. Christopher Bonn Jonnes is a writer to watch and I look forward to reading his first novel, Wake Up Dead." -- FIVE STARS from Craig Clarke from Craig's Book Club

Machine Counted Red Button. June 15, 2003
"Understanding and Developing Courage. Big Ice is the best thriller that I have read that has been published so far in 2003. The book abounds in exciting fast-paced action and realistic conflicts. As a result, the book has more interesting content than 99% of all thrillers." -- FIVE STARS from Don Mitchell, #2 ranked reviewer on

Barn Red Button. June 13, 2003
"Author Jonnes knows his stuff. A thoroughly enjoyable read." -- FOUR STARS from

Enron Red Button. June 10, 2003
"Christopher: I almost finished your book last night. Wow! I thought the idea of having someone who has fear of people star in a thriller was a brilliant idea. I can hardly wait to finish." -- Donald Mitchell, author of The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

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