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Status Update on the Movie Version of


Suspense Novel

by C.B. Jonnes

As of June 2020 the movie rights to Wake Up Dead have been optioned for a third time. Two separate production companies have allowed their option period to expire without putting the film into production. As often happens in this industry, film rights are bought, only to see their screenplays languish on a shelf for any number of reasons. Wake Up Dead has fallen victim to this common occurrence twice. The good news is that the film rights are now optioned for a third time. This means that the movie deal is still on, and the prospect for a future film version is good. Stay tuned for more updates.

The movie rights for Big Ice are now available. This suspense novel is perfect for the screen. If you know a film company or screenwriter, don't hesitate to recommend that they take a look. Free Review Copies are available to bonafide production companies.

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