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Wake Up Dead is now in its second printing!!! After researcher Mason Brooks invents a dream-the-future machine, he uses it to amass riches in stocks and gambling and to impress the young and comely Monica Westfield. But then he starts dreaming, and avoiding, his own death with increasing frequency. Death is seemingly imminent. The various lethal dreams share only one common component: the presence of a complete stranger, Paul Fontana. Now Brooks and Fontana are linked in an enigmatic death dance. Desperate to solve the mysterious bond, Brooks invites Paul into his home. Throw in a gun, a love interest, Sigmund Freud, and a prophetic golden bracelet, and things get interesting. This is Deja vu at its most devastating.

C.B. JONNES - Fiction Writer and Author of the Suspense Novels, WAKE UP DEAD and BIG ICE.


Christopher Bonn Jonnes is the author of the suspense novels, Big Ice and Wake Up Dead.   He is also creator of Cow Running, the popular travel game.   An accomplished business writer, he is the Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of the industrial manufacturing firm, American Polywater Corp.   He lives in Minnesota, where he writes, runs, rides motorcycles, and plays the guitar.  His first suspense novel, the award-winning Wake Up Dead, is now in its second printing.   His second novel, Big Ice, is enjoying popularity in the current global warming craze.   He's currently working on more of everything.

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